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Viva La Compost

Viva La Compost is Las Vegas's premier
(year- round) residential and commercial food waste pickup service. Hassle-Free

Keeping Las Vegas's food waste out of the landfill since 2019!

Viva La Compost brings easy, convenient composting to the Las Vegas area. Fill up your bucket with any organic material (if it grows, it goes!), drop it outside, and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a great way to help reduce food waste headed to our landfills, reduce your carbon footprint, and create a more sustainable way of living. As a Partner for a Sustainable Nevada, we are proud to help Las Vegas accomplish this goal.

Our Service

Viva La Compost is proud to provide a service essential to improving our local communities and the global environment. Composting combats food waste and puts material destined for the landfill to good use, transforming it into one of the building blocks of life and growing strong crops. It’s a vital part of building a sustainable food system. And it’s an important way to contribute to fighting the climate crisis and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Viva La Compost Buckets
Compost Pickup Service- Las Vegas Valley

Pick a compost plan.

The easiest way to compost your food scraps.

We have been featured as a Partner for a Sustainable Nevada, as part of their composting services and resources list.

Proud to Serve

 With over 100 members and businesses, including local Amazon and Starbucks leaders, we’re reducing the waste from these organizations and making the Earth a healthier place to live. Furthermore, we are proud to be a sponsor of  Millennials in Motion Magazine, a passionate online magazine and community platform working to build unity and create a better future.

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