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How It Works

Repurposing your food waste with Viva La Compost is an easy five step process!

1. Become a Member: 

To become a member, send us a text or email with your address and your interest in joining. Once we confirm that we can service your address, we’ll get back to you with the great news! From there, we’ll get you the rest of the information you need on how to subscribe, make payments, service days, etc. From there, completing signup is a breeze.







2. We Drop Off A Bucket For You:

Once membership is confirmed, we’ll bring you one of our handy compost buckets at no extra charge. Our buckets come with a liner and are air-tight to reduce mess and odor.








3. Toss in Your Organic Waste All Week Long:

Fill the bucket up with all your unwanted food scraps, leftovers, or organic material. Cooked or raw, wet or dry, we can take it. If it grows, it goes! 








4. We Pick It Up on Your Designated Pick-up Day:

On your pick-up day, you'll leave the bucket near your front entrance of your residence. (Don't worry, we send you a reminder the night before to help you remember!) Viva La Compost picks it up and drops off a clean new bucket.







5. Your Food Waste Gets Diverted From Landfill to Compost:

Our awesome facilitators Terra Firma Organics takes on the waste and complete the rest of the compost maturation process to help the environment.

My Story

Hi, I’m Veronica, the founder of Viva La Compost! The very beginnings of the idea all began in my garden, back in 2010. I was motivated to start growing my own food by my desire to eat more greens and make healthier choices in my life. I also thought it would be fun to grow my own veggies, and I was up for the challenge. I had no idea what an impact it would make in my life.


All it took was several classes with master gardeners, and I was hooked. I turned my whole backyard into an organic garden. In my first year I was able to successfully grow lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, watermelons, herbs, and more. Was I born with a green thumb or just lucky!? All I knew was that the feeling of growing my own food was so satisfying and empowering. It felt like I had found my purpose. I craved to learn every little aspect of gardening. To this day, it still amazes me how a tiny seed turns into this magnificent plant that grows delicious nourishing food. 


In the process of learning, I quickly realized that soil is the most important part of growing healthy veggies. And this is when composting became my favorite thing about gardening. I love how powerful little microbes contribute to the cycle of life and create rich soil! I also learned that organic matter makes up the second-largest amount of waste in landfills, behind only paper products. I couldn’t believe it! I started wondering how much better the world could be if we started composting all of our food waste.

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It wasn’t long after that when I started collecting food waste from friends, family, and neighbors for compost. It only took two months to collect such a huge amount that I had to stop. It was mind-blowing.

I quickly realized the amount of food waste I had collected was way too much for my backyard

composting. I definitely knew I did not want all this food waste going to the landfill. But at the time, there were no composting services I could find in Las Vegas! I couldn't believe it. I felt an urge to make a change and explored the possibilities of providing such a service.


As often happens, though, life took me down a different path for a time. (Although I never stopped taking care of my garden and my composting!) Then in January of 2016, my daughter was born. Becoming a mother for the first time was the most beautiful and best experience of my life. I had never felt so much love in my heart before. I was thrilled to teach this little being where food came from and how to make compost. I knew it was my responsibility to raise my child to care for humanity and our planet.


My daughter Violet sparked up that motivation once again in me to save the food waste. All the pieces came together, and my crunchy mom mission impossible began again. After a lot of hard work, the universe led me to the right places and right people. And on Feb 8, 2019, Viva La Compost was born.

Compost Pickup Service
Composting combats food waste and puts material destined for the landfill to good use, transforming it into one of the buildi
Saving our planet


  • Where is my food waste taken?
    A: We take your compostable food waste to our facilitators, Terra Firma Organics. Terra Firma takes this waste and turns it into environmentally healthy and robust soil. This composting method keeps thousands of pounds of waste out of our local landfills and turns it into something that improves the region’s soil, air, and water quality. That’s what we call a “win/win” for everyone.
  • What can I put in the compost bucket?
    A: As we always say, if it grows, it goes! Except for meat and dairy all organic food waste and food byproducts can be tossed into the bucket without worry.
  • Do I receive matured compost in return?
    A: During February, April, and September, we host compost weeks where you can get compost redistributed back to you, as a member. If you don’t want to see your compost again, though, we have plenty of homes for it! Community gardens, schools, small businesses, and plenty of other groups have a need for compost and we can donate it to them.


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